Category: MacOS

  • Got root on MacOS?

    Hey you root lovers, no, it’s not a dream, you can haz root on MacOS, too. First, out of security reasons, I recommend to use sudo to do all the nasty stuff on the console. If that ain’t enough, the root users needs to be enabled first. As on most modern Linux distributions, you can […]

  • MacOS and locked files

    Hey peeps around the world, recently I copied some files from one mac to another via network. At first, the access rights on the remote computer were messed up somehow. The nobody user had its finger in the pie. Finally, I’ve made it to copy the files. Now that the files were on my disk, […]

  • Sync with Google on MacOS

    Hey people out there, daddy’s got a brand new toy to play with. I’ve bought myself a macBook pro and this piece of pleasure impresses me again day after day. I’ve just discovered that one can sync the addressbook app with their google account. Here you go: Edit the file ~/Library/Preferences/ { Devices = { […]