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  • Treble Bleed Circuit

    Treble Bleed Circuit

    Introduction Recently, I’ve been experimenting with treble bleed circuits on my Fender custom shop strat that has 3 single coils. Everything you will find here is based on this website and I want to document my personal learnings/findings. What is a treble bleed? Usually, whenever you dial down the volume pot on your single coil […]

  • Quad Cortex Tips & Tricks

    Quad Cortex Tips & Tricks

    Introduction It’s summer of 2021 and after waiting for about six months, my Quad Cortex finally arrived. I wanna share some tips and tricks with y’all, things that took me more than half an hour or so to figure out. Power Supply The power supply that comes with the unit rates 3A at 12V. However, […]

  • Wiring Diagrams For Electric Guitar

    Wiring Diagrams For Electric Guitar

    Introduction I often found myself searching the web for wiring diagrams and ending up in some weird forum. Because it always bugs me, I decided to start this page and add a wiring diagram, whenever it is something out of the ordinary. However, if you’re reading this, please take a look at the wiring diagrams […]

  • Boss GT-1000CORE Bluetooth

    Boss GT-1000CORE Bluetooth

    Introduction When I first got my hands on the Boss GT-1000CORE, I was really disappointed. A friend of mine owns the GT-1000, the CORE’s big brother. He’s been using multi-effects units for many many years, so he was used to the big format factor. Me, on the other hand, I already had a pedal board […]

  • Tube Screamer Bright LED Mod

    Tube Screamer Bright LED Mod

    Introduction Every guitarist playing electric guitar will at some point encounter the legendary Tube Screamer by Ibanez. Probably the most copied pedal on the planet. Everybody who tried or regularly uses an original TS will also know, that the LED of the pedal is really weak. So weak that you often can’t really tell, whether […]

  • Sound Like Adam Jones Using The Strymon Iridium

    Sound Like Adam Jones Using The Strymon Iridium

    Introduction Tool has a very faithful fan base and I count myself to them. As a hobby guitarist, I’m constantly looking to get as close to Adam Jones’ tone as possible. There are many resources on how to sound like Adam Jones and this article aims to fill a tiny gap. We know what gear […]

  • Self-Hosted Bitwarden On Raspberry Pi

    Self-Hosted Bitwarden On Raspberry Pi

    Install Docker # curl -sSL | sh Add user(s) to the docker group. The default user would be pi. However, I highly recommend deactivating the default user. # usermod -aG docker pi Reboot and then test docker $ docker run hello-world Install more dependencies # apt-get install -y libffi-dev libssl-dev # apt-get install -y […]

  • Howto Build a Heptagram

    Howto Build a Heptagram

    Theory The Heptagram in Numbers The following sketch shows a heptagram with all the edges and angles we’ll need. Below the actual heptagram, the sketch also shows one of the seven edges from all sides. The important angles within the heptagram are:     The edges shown in the sketch are as follows. The edge […]

  • Mooer Micro ABY Ground Lift

    Mooer Micro ABY Ground Lift

    If you call yourself a proud owner of the Mooer Micro ABY mk2, congratulations, because it’s a great and cheap solution for ABY switching on or next to your pedal board. However, if you want to use the Micro ABY with one guitar and two amps, you might run into a significant problem, a ground […]

  • MXR Octavio Switch Mod

    MXR Octavio Switch Mod

    Have you ever wondered how an Octavio would sound without the octave up? Me too and then I made the MXR Octavio Switch Mod, for the limited edition JHM6 Jimi Hendrix version from 2018 (?). It’s kind of funny, because on the latest 2019 JHW2 psych mini octavio has a switchable octave, but the newer […]